Efrat’s Story

Efrat’s Story

Efrat lost her husband after years of suffering.

She struggled to come to terms with widowhood, alone.
She struggled to raise her children, alone.
Yet you wont see the struggle on her face. She is always smiling, always has a good word to say and is constantly blessing all those around her.

At Yad Eliezer we know the struggle, both emotionally and financially, that Efrat has endured. A donor sponsors a monthly stipend to ease the burden of a widow in distress. She is incredibly grateful for the funds and relies on them for basic household needs. The donor, on the other hand, feels that his successes are in her merit; as Efrat prays for her benefactor, blessing him with all the best in the word.

Recently Efrat received a court order to vacate the apartment she was living in and was forced to move to a new, much smaller apartment. Efrat has learned how to cope with the curve balls thrown at her. She picked herself up and moved.

But to her distress her old furniture would not fit into the little nooks and crannies of the new place. Not one to despair, Efrat sold her things in order to purchase new ones. Yet the amount she received for her second hand items was not sufficient for all the furniture and appliances she needed to purchase.

So Efrat turned to Yad Eliezer with a modest request. To help her buy the rest of the furnishings she needed to set up her new home. The grant she received ensured that she can buy the items needed. It also reminded Efrat that she is not alone. That there is always a place to turn in times of need.

Almanos know that when they are facing an urgent need, be it a simcha, therapy for a child, or a plumbing repair, they can reach out to Yad Eliezer for assistance. And in your merit we are able to answer their cries.

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