Baby Formula Program: Essential, Focused and for a Limited Time

Baby Formula Program: Essential, Focused and for a Limited Time

A steady flow of requests comes in daily for baby formula.

In general, they are from low-income families for whom the cost is overwhelming. They receive deliveries of the much needed formula for one year. This ensures that their hungry infant gets the nutrition he needs and can develop properly. After the first year babies begin to drink cow’s milk and eat basic foods. At that time, the monthly formula deliveries end.

Yet, often we have requests that require more personalized support.

Natan and Sari are a hardworking couple. They were thrilled to welcome their first child, Jacob, into their home. When winter arrived and their baby fell ill Sari was in and out of the hospital with him. She missed out on vital income from her job, while shelling out large sums for meds, transportation and take-out food. They turned to Yad Eliezer for assistance to help get over this difficult period. Jacob received Materna until his first birthday. On the doctor’s recommendation, we approved an additional year of support in order to help ensure his full recovery. Natan was so relieved that they were able to get over this hump without falling into debt.

Many times a little bit of assistance at a critical time can have long term implications, enabling families to survive without too much fallout.

Due to our long-standing relationship with Materna, the largest formula producer in Israel, for just 135 shekel we can send formula to a family for one month. A small investment on our part, is a far reaching salvation for these parents and their babies.