Yad Eliezer employs a huge array of volunteers, in order to maximize the food packages we deliver to the needy.

The first stage of food distribution is the donation of products in neighborhoods. Once a month, young volunteers collect groceries from the neighbors in their building and on their block.

The products collected are organized and transported to our logistics center.

We use the donations received to create the basis of the package and supplement with wholesale purchases to ensure each package is complete. Boxes include basic necessities such as pasta, canned goods, oil, sugar and flour. In addition, we make sure that each package also includes something sweet, such as chocolate or a snack.

Volunteers from all over the world come to our warehouse while visiting Jerusalem to package the food into boxes for distribution. Subsequently, the food crates are distributed to volunteer coordinators in neighborhoods across the country who invite those in need to collect them.

In order to maintain the dignity of the needy individuals there is no logo, sticker or mention of Yad Eliezer on the boxes.

Food products can be dropped off at the Yad Eliezer warehouse at 1 Tuval St. Jerusalem, in the morning or afternoon.

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