A Beautiful New Piece of Jewelry

A Beautiful New Piece of Jewelry

Exciting and Heartwarming Addition to our Bridal Salon

The Bridal Salon of Yad Eliezer is one of our most exciting projects. The brides who come to the Salon always walk out with a huge smile. They enter with hearts full of worry and leave ready and excited for the greatest night of their lives. Every detail of their preparations is taken care of by our dedicated volunteers.

Each bride who comes to choose a gown comes with her own personal struggles. And she doesn’t come alone. Usually her mother joins her. She too has her own challenges and difficulties. Who’s thinking about her during these moments? Who’s worrying about her?

The volunteers at the Bridal Salon turn the mother’s worry and pain into relief and joy. Right before the pair leaves, the volunteers bring out a jewelry box and ask them to choose together a beautiful new piece of jewelry. Not for the bride – but for her mother. Because we want the mother to be happy. She also deserves something special for her daughter’s wedding day.

The joy, the excitement, and the tears that this gift brings cannot be described. We receive so many emotional thank you letters, which only emphasizes the importance of this project.

This is a tremendous opportunity of connection and giving that helps both the kallah and her mother put their troubles aside, at least for the moment, and walk out with the feelings of hope and happiness they have just experienced.


        Make a Kallah and Her Mother Happy