Finally some Osher for Oshrit

Finally some Osher for Oshrit

A Widow Feels True Joy (Osher) Knowing She is Not Alone

Oshrit stood at the chuppah dreaming of a rosy future. Having lost both her parents as a child, she was thrilled to marry Yosef. Though he was significantly older than she, Oshrit was ready to finally have a secure home of her own. 

Shortly before their youngest was born Yosef had stroke. For the next seven years he declined through the stages of vascular dementia until he passed away. Oshrit is now both an orphan and a widow. She and her children suffered through many long years of watching their beloved father and husband wither away and die.

In addition, during that time, Oshrit battled and recovered from cancer. With no financial and emotional reserves Oshrit pulled herself together and pledged to move on. 

Now Oshrit is celebrating a simcha. Her daughter is getting married. Oshrit prays that she has a happy, healthy and everlasting marriage. While the joy is great, Oshrit is worried about the finances. The costs surrounding a wedding are huge. She picked up the phone and reached out to Yad Eliezer. A promise of funding brought her to tears. The journey ahead is still long, her orphaned kids are yet young- but she is not alone.

Whether it’s a broken fridge, a family simcha, expensive dental work or any other urgent necessity, bereaved families know they can reach out to Yad Eliezer in their time of need.

Yad Eliezer provides one-time urgent assistance to widows, widowers and orphans to ease their burden and bring them hope.

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