Israeli First Responders & Air Force Officers Pitch in at our Warehouse

All year long Yad Eliezer distributes food packages to those in need, with an increased demand during the Holiday season. We rely on volunteers to help pack the boxes, yet due to Covid the number of participants has been very limited (tourist families are non-existent, some seminaries and yeshivot have restrictions that currently prevent them from visiting us, etc.).

When members of the Israeli Air Force & Israel’s Fire & Rescue Authority and officers from the Israel Police department came to our warehouse to volunteer their time, it was greatly appreciated. Their help was invaluable as they efficiently assembled, packed and sealed hundreds of boxes in a super short amount of time.

These first responders already do so much for the Israeli public, so when they volunteered during their free time to further help Israeli citizens it really made an impact.

You don’t have to be an “official” first responder to help families in need. You can bring them critical aid just by spending a couple of fun hours with us.

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