Keeping Families Warm

Keeping Families Warm

Hundreds of blankets have been distributed throughout the country.

Winter has arrived! The cold has seeped into the stone apartments and taken up residence.

Thousands of homes are ill equipped to face the coming months of inclement weather. Families with young children or elderly grandparents do not have sufficient blankets or heaters to fight off the cold.

During the heat of the summer, Yad Eliezer began preparing for the winter. Ordering blankets when they are cheap and storing them for when they will be needed.

For close to 20 years Yad Eliezer has been helping keep needy families warm. This year we have already distributed over 600 blankets throughout the country. Volunteers have delivered comforters to Tzfat, Netanya, Yerushalayim, Modiin Elite, Chashmonaim, Gush Etzion, among others, bringing warmth and joy to hundreds of children and adults alike.

Donors such as yourself have enabled us to provide this very basic need which is lacking in so many homes. The more funds we have, the more people we can help.


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