Let’s Lighten up their Chanukah

Let’s Lighten up their Chanukah

A young teen wonders who will fry latkas for them this year….

Several days before Chanukah, a shy girl arrived at Yad Eliezer’s office. She stood sheepishly at the entrance waiting to bare her heart to anyone who would listen. The teen was invited inside and began to share her innermost pain, pushing away the tears that formed on her cheeks.

Just last year her mother passed on to a better world leaving behind a small family that yearned for maternal care. Now just before Chanukah the kitchen is empty. There is no aroma of sufganiot and latkas as there had been in years gone by, a stark reminder that their mother is gone.

This girl had one small request; to infuse some joy into the hearts of her siblings. And into the heart of her father who is still struggling to pick up the broken pieces. She wanted to know if we can help her purchase sufganiyot, chocolate coins, and chanuka gifts. Maybe we can even tell her how to fry latkas as her mother had done for so many years.

Who can resist the tears of this young orphan? How can we say no to this girl who asks just to bring a little light into their dark home? To buy some dreidels and donuts in order to sweeten their painful reality? With a generous gift card to the supermarket we were able to restore the joy of Chanukah to this bereaved family.

Nothing can return this mother to her family but with the necessary support we can bring some happiness back into this home.

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