Milka Continues to Dry their Tears

Milka Continues to Dry their Tears

Israelis know just where to turn when they are in need

After years of battling for her get, Talia, along with her 10 year old daughter, is trying to move on. She subsists on her disability stipend, barely making ends meet. The thought of starting over again in a new city was overwhelming. Yet, Talia had no choice and moved to Beit Shemesh where rent is cheaper. The check she wrote for 1900 shekel to the mover bounced and she has no way to cover it. The mover is anxious to get paid, threatening to take action against her. Milka dried Talia’s tears. She assured her we will send the money so she can pay the mover. Now Talia can begin to look towards a brighter future.

Milka’s emergency support department has already seen and heard everything – bitter poverty, tears of pain, endless sorrow and stories of trouble like the length of the exile.  The righteous Milka helps as far as her hand can reach … one gets vouchers for food for Shabbos, the other receives funding for necessary dental care and another gets money for therapy for her battered children. Every day hair-raising stories are piled on her desk that seem to have been taken from the world of imagination. Painfully behind every form stands a family trying to deal with its hardships.

Rachel turned to Yad Eliezer on behalf of her daughter Yehudit. She has been through much trauma after discovering that her husband was pulled into the worst the internet has to offer. He left the Torah way and began to act inappropriately with his 3 young daughters. She has finally received her get, though her ex does not pay any child support. Yehudit struggles to cover basics like food and clothing. The girls are in desperate need of psychological support. Rachel took out a loan in order to have the girls evaluated. Yet she has no way to pay it back. Milka not only listened with a full heart. She reassured Rachel that she will procure the funds to get the girls the services they so desperately need.

Day in and day out Milka reaches out to assuage the pain of the masses and help get them back on their feet. Your partnership with us will help ensure that she does not have to turn anyone away empty handed.