Hachnasas Kallah

Help a Bride in Need set up her new Home

Have you ever seen a kallah in a housewares store?

You can spot her easily. There’s a fresh excitement about her as she spends her time perusing her list and filling her wagon with the bedding, towels, dishes, and other things she’ll need for her future home.

For a kallah from an impoverished background, the picture is quite different. No choosing linens, no fingering plush towels, and no researching the latest kitchen gadgets. The family is overwhelmed with the burden of paying for her wedding, leaving them with no resources for outfitting a new home. What should be a fun planning experience is instead, stressful and sad.

The Hachnasas Kallah Fund was established to change this. Gift vouchers are provided to needy kallahs so they too can purchase new, crucial items for their homes. But they do even more than that…They give them a sense of excitement and anticipation, helping them feel just a bit like everyone else.

Contributions can be made in honor of a friend or relative who is hoping to get married. In return, the recipient kallah will pray for her on the day of her wedding. Our brides are happy and eager to be able to pay it forward. Contact us for more details.

Donate to Israel's neediest brides and you'll be bringing them dignity, happiness, and a sense of stability as they prepare for their wedding day.