Adopt a Bar Mitzvah

Transform a needy boy’s Bar Mitzvah into a real celebration

There are few things as endearing as the classic image of a Bar Mitzvah boy, standing proudly in his new suit, surrounded by adoring parents, family members and friends. From the shy smile that radiates from his face and beyond his manly attire, you can still glimpse the little boy inside.

For the Bar Mitzvah boy who grows up in poverty, the image is not quite the same. Often there is no new suit and no celebration with family and friends. Frequently there isn’t even a pair of tefillin for him. Then the little boy is just a little boy and instead of feeling proud, his emotions can run from embarrassment to resentment to disappointment and just… sadness.

Our ‘Adopt a Bar Mitzvah’ project provides the opportunity for 13 year old boys around the world to twin with a needy Bar Mitzvah boy in Israel, helping him celebrate his simcha too- joyously and in a meaningful way.

By joining this program you will enhance your own simcha by bringing the pride and joy of reaching this milestone to another, less fortunate kid.

Provide this unique, shared excitement, to both the recipient and the giver, with your donation!