Baby Formula

With babies it is impossible to cut corners, to manage for a while on bread and milk, to buy cheap food or cut out meals once in a while.

Imagine a crying baby, a hungry baby. He does not understand why no one is responding to him. He didn’t choose this, he is not guilty, he is hungry!

The Materna project for babies is one of the oldest projects of Yad Eliezer. This basic and primary need, to provide food for needy babies, is a priority of ours, and as such hundreds of babies are fed at any given time through Yad Eliezer’s Materna project.

Malnutrition: A Real Danger
Beyond the poverty crisis, the impact of poor nutrition in the baby’s first year is critical to his future emotional and physical development.  Of course, Yad Eliezer encourages breastfeeding but often difficult life circumstances that are a result of poverty – such as stress and lack of maternal nutrition – do not allow for effective breastfeeding, and the shortage still exists.

The Solution: Distributing Formula to Babies
The average baby needs six containers of formula a month. Yet, there are mothers for whom such an expense is impossible. A young baby who does not eat properly is in real danger. Thanks to our partnership with Materna, Israel’s leading baby formula manufacturer, we can purchase canisters of formula at significantly lower than market price. We can feed a hungry baby for a little more than a dollar a day! The company itself delivers Materna to distribution centers around the country, which further saves on costs.

A baby is dependent on their parents, but when the parents have nothing, they are dependent on us.

Join in this vital project and give more babies in Israel a chance to thrive.