Big Brother Program

What is the Yad Eliezer Big Brother/Big Sister Project?

The mentoring project began after many years of work in the field, where hundreds of children were found to be in dire need of support. The program was established so that each child receives the personal and professional services they need in the areas in which they have difficulties.

Yad Eliezer encounters families who are experiencing some form of crisis; a child with learning difficulties, a dysfunctional mother, financial problems etc. At times the situation may seem temporary with the hope that things will settle within a year or two. But will things really return to the way there were before? Not exactly. In many cases, painful fallout is added, leaving deep scars.

When a child’s basic needs are not being met either due to a financial crisis or the unavailability of parents, he will often:
· Develop anxiety.
· Find himself with the wrong crowd, looking for appreciation and attention.
· Fall behind in his studies because his mind was distracted.
· Withdraw socially.

Unfortunately – The problems often come to the surface when it is too late.

Our Solution:
Yad Eliezer knows that in order to rebuild a family, the children must be helped. They do not need much, but it is this little bit that will allow them to live their lives “like everyone else”. This is what mentoring gives them; a listening ear, help with their studies, someone who is available for them with love and warmth. Our network of thousands of mentors enables us to provide Big Brothers and Sisters who accompany the children throughout the year. Three meetings a week, outings, clubs and relaxing together – enable the kids to disconnect from the day-to-day challenges. It’s these little things that give strength and hope for a better future.

The Big Brother Program of Yad Eliezer is part of the organization’s broad and comprehensive set of programs, fighting against poverty, and working towards the fulfillment of our mission: change and long-term impact. With your help we can continue to maintain this vital project and provide this lifeline to each and every child in need.

A Yad Eliezer Big Brother or Sister provides the warmth and support a child needs to thrive.