LaMerchav Institute

The LaMerchav Institute was opened in conjunction with Yad Eliezer and local health insurance plans to offer professional therapeutic treatment geared specifically towards the Orthodox community.

LaMerchav offers comprehensive, culturally sensitive quality care for individuals experiencing emotional or mental distress. Available interventions include psychotherapy, parental guidance, mentoring, case-management, courses, workshops, and more. The team consists of professionals with formal training and licensing whom are mentored by first-rate professionals. Additionally, the institute is supported by Rabbanim who are available as needed.

LaMerchav addresses the reservations of the Orthodox population to seek professional treatment. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of Orthodox professionals who understand their needs. For others, it’s because of lack of funds or fear of stigma. LaMerchav answers all these concerns. The institute ensures that everyone can receive optimal quality treatment at no cost.

In line with Yad Eliezer's mission, this groundbreaking initiative provides both immediate relief and innovative support, which in turn produces long range solutions.