Shalhevet Early Learning Initiative

The Shalhevet Early Learning Initiative targets young children with mild learning difficulties who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

Shalhevet is the only program of its kind in Israel. Instead of structuring private tutoring into tired, grumpy afternoons after a long day of regular school classes, Shalhevet works inside affiliated schools to team elementary school students with tutors during morning hours when kids are at their most alert and receptive.

Shalhevet also maintains on-going contact with principals and other school staff members in order to ensure that all possible learning disabilities are caught early on. Shalhevet’s team of evaluating professionals visit schools regularly to evaluate kids who may be struggling with these issues. Early diagnosis and tutoring stops what otherwise often becomes a slippery slide down into serious educational, social, and emotional problems.

Most importantly, these services are offered at very little cost to parents, ensuring that every child is given the tools he or she needs to succeed.