It’s not easy to be alone.

Shabbat alone, holidays alone, Covid alone. Whether the children are sick in bed or celebrating a birthday, single mothers have nobody with whom to share either the joys or the burdens.

If that’s not enough, add the stigma of being divorced or abandoned. Add the pain of knowing that people are looking at you and wonder what went wrong, why your husband left you all alone.

Carrying the full weight of financial, practical and emotional responsibility for their families alone would be challenging enough, without the added struggles of legal battles over custody and child support. Bills and expenses that would be challenging for a family with two incomes threaten to topple any sense of stability when there is only one meager salary being stretched to the limit. Many women separate from their husbands only after years of trauma and abuse. Even as they hope to take strides towards a new life, they are living in the shadow of fear.

But you can change that. When crisis strikes, your donation can make the crucial difference and help a family keep their heads above water.