Sponsor a Wedding

Getting married and hosting a wedding is an exciting, momentous event in anyone’s life. But it can also be a huge expense.

Most families are able to find a way to manage this expense. Yet, poor families in Israel often just can’t bear it. An occasion that should be one of happiness and excitement is marred by disappointment and anxiety over mounting bills.

Enter our Sponsor-a-Wedding Program

This program gives brides and grooms the meaningful opportunity to share the joy of their own special night. This is done by sponsoring the wedding celebration of a poor couple in Israel on the same date as their own. Sponsorships can also be made in the merit of a refuah shleima, in honor of an anniversary or yahrzeit, or for a myriad of other events and purposes including as a merit for one to find their own match.

Sponsors are paired with a couple who is celebrating their wedding in one of Yad Eliezer’s elegant subsidized halls. These venues were built with the goal of enabling needy families to enjoy a beautiful respectable wedding at greatly reduced prices. Since their inception close to 20 years ago, the halls have produced significant financial savings for thousands of couples. Yet, with all the myriad expenses surrounding a wedding, even this option is a burden for many.

Your generous donation to our Sponsor-a-Wedding program will make a real difference in the lives of a needy family. You will be replacing their worry and concern with happiness, excitement, and great relief. Imagine their joy as they reach their chuppah, able to fully celebrate one of the biggest moments of their lives.

Can there be a better wedding gift than that?