Winter Warmth

Did you know that many apartments in Israel are poorly insulated?

It gets cold very quickly inside! Average Israeli families ward off the frigid conditions by turning on the heat or snuggling deep under warm blankets.

It’s an entirely different story for needy families. The winter is unbearable when they can’t afford to keep the heat on and warm quilts are just too expensive.

Parents of these families are constantly faced with impossible choices: keeping the heat on for a few hours a day or buying their children a proper coat or blanket. Or giving up on either in order to buy groceries.

You can make a difference in so many lives, bringing smiles and incredible relief to families as nights are made warm with thick, new blankets which have been distributed through our Winter Warmth campaign in cities throughout the country This simple item brings unbelievable happiness to those so desperately in need.


Please help us help these families, so they won't have to make such difficult choices this year.