Spotlight on Thank You Letters

Spotlight on Thank You Letters

Every day scores of letters flood Yad Eliezer’s mailbox. Letters of thanks and appreciation. Emotional letters in which recipients express their gratitude for the assistance received.

Each time anew we are touched to receive these letters. They are opened with excitement, carefully read and filed away. They reveal the essence of the organization and emphasize the importance of our mission:  to fill the needs of our suffering brothers, bringing joy and security into their lives.

Though the letters arrive in Yad Eliezer’s mailbox, they are not intended for our staff alone. Oftentimes the writer addresses his letter Dear Donors. Others ask to “thank the generous donor who made this possible”.

The recipients know full well that if not for the generous support of caring individuals, Yad Eliezer would not be able to carry out its myriad charitable activities.

Except from letter above:
Thank you for the warm blankets that make all the difference. Whenever Grandma had guests we had to give her back her blankets. The kids were so cold. Now finally everyone has a blanket of their own!!