Thank you from the Bottom of My Heart

Thank you from the Bottom of My Heart

Excerpt from a thank you letter written by a convert to Judaism who received support from Yad Eliezer.

“Shalom Milka, I am writing you this letter to thank you for all the help you provided me with. Thank you for the chessed you have done for me. Before I turned to you I was feeling down in the dumps. I was so scared we’d be thrown our of our apartment that I was becoming depressed. When you let me know that help was available, I felt tremendous relief and joy. I am now able to function again…My husband is also very grateful, as is the person we owed the money to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

חסד לגרים

Converts are often left without family support and at times have difficulty acclimating to their new lifestyle. The assistance offered them not only grants critical financial relief, it provides much needed emotional support.

There are a many converts in Israel struggling on various fronts who know that they can rely on Yad Eliezer for help. Join us in assuring them that their brothers and sisters accept them with open arms and are there for them in times of need.

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