The Faces Behind the Chessed

The Faces Behind the Chessed

A sneak peak into the world of Chessed of Yad Eliezer

Working at Yad Eliezer is more than just a job. Employees are known for not just being available, managing the logistics, and dedicating themselves to the mission of chessed Yad Eliezer stands for; but for being attentive to all the details behind the surface. This includes being constantly observant of people’s difficulties, of adversity, trying to understand a fellow Jew’s struggle and lending an ear to those who have been dealt a difficult lot.

Being part of Yad Eliezer is something that requires tremendous emotional strength. Thousands of volunteers and employees can tell you, on the one hand, about the difficulty of hearing, day in and day out, all the pain and distress that comes to our door. Yet on the other hand, the tremendous sense of satisfaction that comes with being able to help another family overcome the hardships of life, helping make another orphan or widow happy. Or knowing that thanks to you another little baby will go to sleep satisfied and another bride will be able to go to her chuppah with peace of mind and happiness.

Those involved with Yad Eliezer are made of different stuff; everyone is focused on doing good. This means that even after so many years, each and every case that comes to us touches and hurts us on a personal level. We share, experience and feel the pain. We hear the distress and want to respond, at all costs.

And what happens when we cannot help?

Listen to this amazing story which took place at Yad Eliezer not long ago.

An orphaned bride from a very poor family who was getting married with little to her name, asked if she could receive one of our trousseau packages. This is a package that we distribute to young kallot in need. A package packed with love and thought, containing the things a young couple needs to start their new life such as quality linen, towels and housewares.

When the secretary sadly informed this kallah that the quota of dowry packages for this month had already ended, the young bride could not hold back tears of disappointment, knowing she had no other way to obtain these very vital necessities. Our secretary was touched by the kallah’s tears and determined to do something about it.

Yes, Yad Eliezer had already distributed packages that surpassed the quota above and beyond that month, but maybe the she could find another way to help. Together with fellow employees, they personally donated and collected blankets, pillows, gift cards, quality bedding and even a plant and picture for the living room.

Then… when everything was collected and prepared with love..our secretary called the bride and informed her that in the end, despite everything, there was a package waiting for her. The bride’s shining eyes and tears of happiness when she came and saw the piles of bags full of so many wonderful things, were the most satisfying reward for our employees who could tell themselves, at the end of the day at Yad Eliezer, no one is left behind.

This bride was able to make the final preparations for her big day with one less worry in her heart, and a big hug of happiness, true kindness and giving, accompanying her and giving her hope for a better future.

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